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Originally Posted by ShelledPants View Post
KWA M4, made in Taiwan, awesome little gun. I bought the CQB model a few months ago. Great gun. Purs with a 7.4v lipo. Takes real steal front rails like a charm. If you order from, they have Knights Armament trades instead of the large KWA logo on them. I had to do a quick mod on my King Arms magazines to get them to feed (with a razor, take 0.5mm off of the feed notch on each magazine so they feed). The CQB model shoots 349fps on the dot, over and over again.

Played with it in the rain, no troubles. Just pull the rear body pin, break the gun in half, pull the inner barrel/upper hop and give it a clean after.

I did have a body pin screw fall during a game, so make sure to tighten them before a game. KA pins fit fine.

Rate of fire with a 7.4v lipo is about 21 bb/s. 11.1v is retardedly fast, at around 30 bb/s.

Enjoy the info.
thankyou, im pretty sure im going to order the CQB

anything else i need to know or order?
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