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The CF gortex boots are ok if you can find them at a decent price in good shape. Boots with decent grips and high tops (8") will do fine providing they are either insulated or large enough for you to wear several pairs of socks, and preferably waterproof. If you can't find anything waterproof, you could always get gortex socks and wear them over all the other socks. I've seen CF Gortex boots run anywhere from $20-$120 in the same condition from different stores, so shop around if that's what you're going for. $50-$80 seem's reasonable for a pair in good shape. Anything over $100, look elsewhere.

I've tried Sorels and man, they keep your feet warm alright, but it feel like a ton of lead on my feet after an hour or so. I wear a set of Danner Ft. Lewis boots with gortex and thinsulte. They've done me very well for the last 6 years. Expensive as hell mind you. Last I saw them they were going for over $400 for a pair. I paid less than 20% of that, so shop around and you can find good deals.
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