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Originally Posted by KND View Post
Yes , that version would take regular battery.

For me, I would choose the TM M4 SOPMOD since it already upgrade the crane stock and RIS handguard and it's only like 70 $ USD different. Just buy more battery then you are good to go.

I assume that you are in the State, right ? otherwise you need to get AV to get those gun in Canada.

someone tell me that to upgrade the gun to 120M Spring with no problems,
i need to upgrade 3 more parts:

1. bushings
2. spring guide
3. battary

and thats what he gave me:
bushings - Modify Stainless Steel Bushings.
spring guide - G&G Version 2 Spring Guide with Bearings
battary - Intellect 9.6v 2000mAh NiMH Nunchuck Battery

It is Right?
after this upgrades, the gun will work in 120M Spring with no problems?

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