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Originally Posted by Styrak View Post
It's not really the retailer's fault: CAS charges their wholesale price which already includes a large markup, and retailers have to put their own markup on the guns (which is not a whole lot), otherwise they wouldn't be in business.
I concur, it is true normal retailer's margin is not as high as CAS's margin of course but thats what happens with a monopoly and everyone knows monopolys tend to lead torwards price ceilings and at times, inefficiencies.

One thing you have to admit sole distribution rights is not cheap so kudos to them for the money to buy it.

But don't worry all is not lost for approx $500,000 you can get Sole distribution rights for Classic Army yay!
Note - That amount may be inaccurate in case a sales man mistaken the figures
**Source: My friend from Big Shark Airsoft (Another startup Cleartailer)
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