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Not singling out your post, Crunch, just want to point a few things out for people reading, specially the newcomers.

Originally Posted by Crunchmeister View Post
Cansoft guns don't mean shit. So where are these "cheap guns" that everyone is moaning about. I'd love to see them. When I look at these Cansoft guns, I see markups that are still 200-300%, just like the evil, illegal black guns.
Because they're "Canadian Legal" (see below)

There is a larger proliferation of guns now with cansoft because people are legally permitted to import and sell them. It makes them more accessible to the general public.
But despite this alleged legal status, we still have to go through Canadian Retailers for them. For one, the halfbreed guns aren't available on the international market. So once again Canadian Retailers have managed to build a monopoly.

This really means nothing to the end consumer: no player ever got in legal trouble for owning, or buying from a Canadian Retailer (even after APEC/Peter Kang went down and investigators started looking up past customers). So really, the halfbreed guns only protect people importing. Part of the previous markup (on black guns) took into account the risk involved in bringing black guns into the country: I'm left wondering what the markup covers now? Specially when half the guns on the market are being bought wholesale from CAS.

Of course, this whole "Canadian Legal" bit is utter bullshit as well: the laws haven't changed in any way, bill C68 hasn't been modified or amended to take clearsoft or halfbreeds into account. The rules in the books are the same as they were before and subject to interpretation by CBSA, an interpretation which could change at any time without notice. Clear guns don't make it into Quebec (international imports) and word is Quebec's CFO has already taken a stand against clear guns because the receivers can be easily painted black.

The real problem is there's a lot of bullshit and misinformation going around, often spread by people who stand to gain from it. Players need to get informed and get their heads out of their asses, and start making notice of what's actually going on.
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