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Originally Posted by Torque View Post
I have a quick question. Are you guys mad at people that show up to their first game in jeans and have a clearsoft or ones that play for more then a few months like that. How long does one have between their first game and requireing all the goods needed?
Part of the problem is people are coming to their first game with a $30 Walmart gun. Of course they don't want to have to drop $70 "just for clothes."

For informal games/skirmishes no one cares about, I suppose it's okay if they just want to try it out. But if they decide its a sport they want to get into, they should invest in proper equipment.

Just like you can play an informal game of hockey or football with buddies with no gear but if you're joining a league you better have proper gear, including a proper gun. You don't show up at a dirt bike track with a moped even though it's technically also a motorcycle.

I have a friend that started playing this summer: she went out and got BDUs and boots and proper goggles. There's no excuse for not doing it. Yes, some people are short on funds, but damnit it's a HOBBY: it costs money, you aren't obligated to be there, don't ruin it for everyone by being halfassed about participating just because you can't be bothered to save up a bit to do it properly.

Originally Posted by Mitchell12 View Post
Buy some fucking OD or Woodland, There's no excuse not too if you plan on playing more then your first game. Even for scrims, Just do it. It's cheap as hell.

Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
It is the responsibility of the player to kit himself out, not the responsibility of others to provide for him. When I go to any game, I have rifle with a functional backup. I have a GBB with a functional back-up. I have my planned BDUs for the day, as well as kit with a fallback for a lighter load if it is hot.
Here here.

Originally Posted by Shrike View Post
I think a big problem that hurt "oldschool" airsoft in Canada (Ont. at least) has been the invention and common use of the internet.

wtf shrike? you say. The people that I first played with (like Scarecrow described, in '04 for me) ALLOWED you to attend a game and you were watched.
I remember days on ASC when that was also the case. We only got 1-2 new guys a week and they got squared away pretty fast. But now there's a massive influx of new people, and a lot of blind leading the blind because a lot of the vets got fed up and are doing their own thing in private.
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