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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
noob training day was already done before by Snow Dragons the last one I attended/assisted was in 2002 so if someone would like to call out zeonprime I'm sure he will accomodate
the last show and tell/ noob day i remember was something like two years ago out at the brampton TWAT field

Originally Posted by Ronan View Post
I volunteer to mentor future female ascers/airsofters.

You can reach me via the ASC PM feature, please include:
*Age (Must be 18+)
*Pic(s) (wearing the gear is optional)

Lessons available:
Do and Don't.
Basic safety course.
Advance safety course.
Shooting 101.
Basic 1on1 (CQB).
Advance 1on1 (CQB).

All is 100% free (bring your own food).
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