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Originally Posted by Semi Pro View Post
yep that would be great but im from the states :banghead:

i joined here because i havent found a better forum for airsoft
This is a Canadian forum so everyone is going to assume you're from Canada unless it says somewhere in your profile otherwise.

Setting your location to USA should be sufficient enough so that we know not to tell you to get AV'ed (it doesn't need to be like Seattle, Washington or anything too detailed if you don't want but at least include USA).

Same goes for other users from the UK, Switzerland, Italy, Turkey, etc.

Now that that's cleared up....

It really depends on where you play. A stock TM will never fail you. However one of the main problems with it, is that you'll usually want to upgrade it a bit as stock it comes out at 290 FPS (1 M/s) due to Japanese laws. If you're planning to play CQB then a TM is perfect for that. However if you're playing on more wide open fields with higher velocity limits you'll probably want 330-350 FPS at a minimum. A Real Sword Type-56 comes in at 300 or 330 FPS stock however I believe someone on this forum runs a stock RS Type-56 and gets great distance from it.

If I were you I'd really just go and get a RS since they're priced around 350-400 USD and perfectly within your budget.

EDIT: M16 huh???? Well in that case don't get RS since they don't make M16 or any variants of it (only the Type-56 and Type-97).

Either KA (King Arms) (~$300-400 USD), G&P (~$350-400 USD), or CA (Classic Army) (~$300-400 USD) is probably what you're looking for. STAR/ARES might be a bit out of your budget (~$410+ USD) but from what I've read they're a solid company with quality products.
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