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Can't keep up with this thread...sorry. I try to read all the posts...but it's just going around in circles.

I'm going to arrange a CQB event Aug 31st. Typically, I set out very stringent min standards (for mil-sim'ers/established guys it's just their regular stuff...for some, they're just not equiped and don't come)....but I think for this one I'm going to change things up.

Here's the game/event thread:
CQB Aug 31st - Open Event

It'll be welcome to everyone/anyone/noob-vet-whatever (aside from the 2-3 people who are not welcome....for the safety and continued enjoyment of the other players). How well or how poorly they're equiped is immaterial.

Honestly, even if they have nothing, it'll still be worth it.

We'll cover the standard stuff:
- safety, conduct, expectations
- answer any/all questions
- CQB/tactics/teamwork

I'll do my personal best to help equip guys who are missing stuff...I hope others will help me. I REALLY hope that some of the regular "vets" will continue to come out to this one to lend a hand and guide the tone of the evening. I fully realize that I'll be asking those guys to donate their time/efforts...and my appreciation is huge up front.

There should be no expectation that food or water will be supplied (although the owner has so-far graciously provided as much water and gatorade as we can drink).

So...there it is. If you get your shit together enough to walk through the door...there'll be people on the other side that'll provide as much help as you want.

Can't think of what else is possible...


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