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so back to the headshot thing... heres a video of a guy only exposing his head and a BIT of his gun.... someone said that "if the guy is shooting at you he is exposing more than his head..." tell me how you shoot this guy??? im the cameraman but he deserves to get it in the face...

YouTube - headshot

talk about realisim the forces take and get headshots.... if you are going for realisim either take it like a man or wear a FULL FACE MASK! i wear a full face mask.

for all you non hit callers its the best way to keep people honest, its hard to not call your hit when your screaming like a girl... and about trigger control 1 time i was taking video and "someone" came in the room i scared them they put a handgun up to my side and fired it!! hes now a staff member here so it can happen to anyone.... did i get mad?? nope it was MY fault for being there.... even IF i was playing i should take steps to ensure that it didnt happen again! it was not buddys fault right the saint?

playing with my kid!
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