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time to buy my first rifle and i have afew questions for you pro's

so i have been playing airsoft with my buddys for a year or so with only a pair of pistols and its time for me to stick alittle money in my hobby.

i have been looking at many diffrent brands of airsoft rifles, and im starting to wonder if i really want to spend $400 on a marui m16 or if for an ocasional player i would be better off with a much cheeper jing gong?

im looking at this gun right now

i really like the look of the s-system and what brand i buy, i would like it to be an m16

will the JG hold up or is it a waste of money? ( i only get to play twice a month, 7 months out of the year if it lasts a year i will be happy )

is there a better gun in between these prices that i am overlooking?

as always thanks for the help guys
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