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Originally Posted by shiftsup View Post
Has anyone seen somebody show up like this at a game posted on ASC?

Still missing the Point... this is NOT about dress, or guns.. its about "attitude"

The dress and guns are just possible indicators of that attitude.

However... to answer your question.... I have witnessed players who signed up for a milsim type game ... when asked to contribute towards the capture of an objective .. basically say "F**K you.. I"m going to go find something to shoot"

I've been to games where the SAME GUY walked out into the safe zone with a loaded gun EVERY TIME he came out of the hot area... When its pointed out.. he always say's "what? it's not loaded.. or .. it's a high cap.. and it's not wound" or some other BS but continued to do it.

The Host was too WEAK or INEXPERIENCED to do anything other than say... "hey, come on guys try to unload your guns before you go into the safe zone" .. and be ignored

I can't count how many times I have had to show people how to clear and make safe their guns.. because they HAD NO IDEA how to do it because they never had before... some of these people had been playing for MONTHS..

I have been shot in the ass on a cold range.."by accident" by someone who was not paying attention enough to see that EVERYONE ELSE was standing around goggles off.

The list is endless... and growing

Why... because people have an unfounded expectation that people have a clue... but A LOT of them don't... They purchased their gun last week from a stranger.. they know no one ... and they show up at a game with no idea of the expectations...

They have had NO indoctrination ... they don't know what is expected ... and because they don't want to look like a "NOOB" they don't ask.

I think we have a responsibility to indoctrinate new players in a manner that sets them off in the right direction.. and preserves the integrity of the rules and standards of behavior at a baseline that is achievable for most people.
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