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Nobody wears shorts
New players in the GTA are smarter to not wear shorts. Most of them are paintball transfers to Airsoft, so they usually just come in jeans and hoody and some boots. T-shirts yes but not often. Shorts never

Canadian Tire-Crapsoft at some GTA games? - Yes Indeed but very rare

- Eventually one of the vet players just let the crapsofter use their gun, the crapsofter was not a dumbass so it was okay, he still plays
- One even sports a Crosman R76 but after us telling him don't use crap, he hides it his bag and only occasionally use it if his Cyma AK dies, he still plays
- Krakens were common before G&G and ICS, they still play

Strange Attire

- Heck my first Airsoft game at Area51 paintball the place had sludges of paintballs lying around so I sported my old Paintball paints and wore black top and black vest. I was still allowed to play
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