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I'm not sure people understand the post so I'll get it started... like this please...

Call sign: Shogun
Age: 38
Years playing: 6
Team: fReaKs
City/Prov.: Edmonton, Alberta

1. Venue preference
- Woods
- Mixture of Woods & Buildings- Historic site or unique facility (increases game costs)
- Local field with less intricate building layouts
- Comments: I prefer to be able to crawl around int he woods and dirt but if there are some interesting buildings that are not impossible to infiltrate then I am game for them too

2. Size of field/venue
- Small area (speedball paintball field type, 1 building CQB)- medium - Comments: I agree with some other comments made that the size of the game is determined by the players attending but I do not think this is always easy to predict in advance how many will come unless history dictates. I am game for a large field but with vehciles to help transport troops around. Too much walking back to spawn gets annoying. Playing with an aggressive team also increases the liklihood of heading back to spawn more.

3. Game costs (what would you pay for a great game)
- $100 +
- $75 - 100
- $50 - 75
- $25 – 50
- Comments: I am willing to pay for a host with a proven record but the costs have to be justified... why pay a lot when it is not reflected in the game either in planning or effects or venue.

4. Travel distance vs. game length (what is your ideal – include where you live)
- 6 hour game - 1 hour travel
- 4 hour game - 3 hour travel
- 12 hour game - 6 hour travel
- 18 hour game - 12 hour travel
- 24 hour game - 16 hour travel
- Comments: I am willing to travel to a great game quite far if I know it will be worth it. Any of the 24 hours games I have played I am tired of being one of the few that actually stay up and continue fighting throughout... 12 - 18 hours I think is do-able for 85% of the people. Making sure there is some night aspect to the game is vital and intensifies the fun.

5. Type of game you enjoy:
- Milsim with objectives that last the game length-
- Multiple missions and new intel that arrives through the game so it keeps changing
- Game with a commander and command structure with good comms (will you listen or just do your own thing?)
- Other kind
- Comments: Mil-sims are great but not sure if I have ever really played in one here in Canada that has been thoroughly planned out to the last detail and keeps each team moving throughout and not knowing what to expect. Intel gathered by actually going out and collecting it yourself. The enemy not knowing what to expect or when to expect it - on both sides.

6. Medics
- Comments: I am veering towards no on this one for whenever the they have been used the other sides always suspects cheating and we all know that the rules are not always clear and people do push and abuse the rules. Get rid of them and this frustration is also removed.

7. Grenades
- Comments: Nades are cool but the safety of home made ones are questionable and increases liability when organizers allow them on the field. Cold front had a crazy amount of pyro some of which could have seriously injured someone or caused permanent hearing loss had they landed by a prone player. Luckily this did not happen. I also saw many people simply duck and ignore them - in buildings especially... I'm sorry but a frag tossed in a room will likely kill everyone in that room - of course depending on the size... it seemed for the most part people used them to go "BOOM" and that's about it. If the rules will be followed and there can be a safe way to manufacture these safely then I think they are cool and add to the game.

Perhaps if people who we know do a good job at making safe pyro posted instructions on how to make them so everyone could have them that would be great. Anyone bringing and using unsafe pyro into a game should be kicked.

8. Vehicles
yes or no
multiple drivers
- you bring it – others can drive it
- actually allowing vehicles to be tasked even if you want to do something else (team work)
- what is the point of having vehicles there if you are not willing to work with the team
- Comments: vehicles add to a game and are great troop transporters. However, they MUST have multiple drivers and not simply tasked for one unit if this is to be a team based game. Mind you that only works if the command structure is good otherwise I would not let morons use my vehicle if I had brought one to a game. It would be nice to have a couple throw away vehicles on a team that anyone can use and steal from the other team for fun...

9. Mobile respawns
- set up in vehicles
- portable boxes/bags
- allow – yes or no
- Comments: Undecided on these for they can be abused like medics as well... I am more akin to having multiple objectives to scure to increase your areas you can spawn from and thus have to be defended or they are lost

10. Disabling Spawns
– yes or no
– have to restart at the staging if main spawns are taken
- Comments: I think this is a must - and forces teams to have to actually use some strategy and protect their base. It should not be easy though to take someone's command spawn

11. FPS restrictions
– can we really trust everyone?
- Do we have time to check?
- what is a reasonable FPS?
- it is time consuming to change springs and some may not have them?
- do we consider the experience of the player and the team they play with?
- Sniper – FPS… – semi auto only or bolt action (does anyone ever check for this?)
- Rifleman – FPS…
- Comments: Trust and time are issues here. No I do not trust everyone - I've seen some of the people who play this game. Mind you some teams have a great rep and that holds a lot of weight. Chrono is good and I think could very easily be don at check in. they are not that expensive either to pick up.
I think a flexible FPS range is fine... I mean most teams practice amongst themselves and shoot each other thus they are not going to do anything to intentionally hurt their team mates.
Sniper 450-475
SAW/RPK or similar - 375 - 400
Rifleman - 400 - 425

12. Age restrictions
– should we make the age limit higher to ensure a more mature player?
- 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 minimum ages
(according to developmental biology – the frontal lobe does not fully develop until this age for most men – hence the “invincible” mentality or “that can’t happen to me” without considering consequences)
- Comments: The older the player makes sense to me - I have no interest playing with children. I have no issue with them volunteering and coming out to watch and learn though. Mind you I have seen some older guys that have been flamining idiots as well. So I err on the side of liability - 18 is the minimum and they can vote and sign a waiver all on their own without mommy and daddy.

13. Blind firing
– allow it not? Seems to cause issues and controversy
- Real life there are no rules.
- If safety is a concern then other area should be tightened up otherwise it can appear to be hypocritical and inconsistent
- Comments: I think this can be performed with reasonable safety and increases the realism. Mind you many people seem to be against it... so to prevent issues prior and during a game probably bst to eliminate it like the medics.

14. Gun hits
– kill or not?
- Do people even really follow this?
- Comments: I do not think this is followed by all so I do not think they should count and eliminate chances for "cheating". Besides if someone is good enough they would not just hit the gun it would hit the player too with the rest of the spread that was fired. Snipers... suck it up buttercup... and hav better aim

15. T.M.F.R. Syndrome (too many f**king rules)
– people do not pay attention or follow them all and forget if it gets too complicated
- K.I.S.S. principle (keep it simple stupid)
- Comments: A 10 minute briefing at the beginning at the most. Keep the rules simple and easy to follow and you will have a relatively smooth game... the more extensive they get the more peopl abuse or simply do not listen - especially at the start of a game - they want to get out there not sit and listen for 30 minutes

16. Maps and building layouts
– if they are to be provided they should be easy to follow – or are they necessary?
- Comments: Maps are great however are usually of poor quality and hard to read to discern targets. Not sure how to make this better though. I have never seen building schematics used except in the movies but I think they would be cool.

17. - Mag restrictions – the only thing I have ever seen enforced are box mags on non LMG’s… has anyone ever actually gone through the trouble of checking –
- Comments: Realism is best here I think - thus I am a lo cap fan. If you can't carry it then you can't use it. Hi caps should be limited. Now new people just getting into the game may likely only have this and as we all know this sport is not a cheap one, so having many mags may not be easy... but having a team of "saw's" because everyone has a hi cap and never has to reload is pure non-sense... LMG's shit they should have as much ammo as they can hold or carry. Let's face it - hi caps are for noobs... so if that is all you have then that is all you should be able to tak on the field - no extra ammo... 1 hi cap equals what - 10 lo caps or more? Invite games lend themselves to a more experienced player as well and thus hopefully less of the hollywood style gameplay with unlimited ammo.

18. Admin Suggestions for…
- Registration… email reg. prior with a steep cost increase if at the gate to encourage arly sign up and increase numbers.

- Starting on time… not sure if this ever will happen unless the game organizers are well prepared and hav plannd in advance.

- Admins playing… personally I think they should be split up amongst the teams and not stack one team for there can be issues with that and the inevitable "cheating" comments... and besides - you know what is planned to happen - although that does not always go as planned. If there is a unique scenario gam planned it could be possible but I think they need to be available to deal with problems that also inevitably arise.

- Dealing with issues & arguments… well if you can't resolve it maturely on your own the admins MUST. Perhaps though if fighting was tolerated more morons would keep a tighter lip and prevent unneccessary issues. (unsure if I am kidding about this or not)

- Game Discipline… (i.e. kicking out the tards and whiners) Admins should have the balls to boot someon without refund if they are causing issues or blatantly cheating. Or perhaps a penalty time out and have to assist the admins for a period of time depending on game length. This is alll easy to say but harder to do in a game and prove cheating. Case by case and trust your instincts what the tell you about the situation and the people involved.

- Assigning commanders… (will they be followed?) These are vital - otherwise it is simply a skirmish and a chicken with it's had cut off. Why come to a milsim if you do not want to work as a team. If a team leader is having issues though they should be able to be reassigned so if you have a moron or just someone without much experience... the ability to assign a new commander would be useful. Admins should assign if needed and monitor. An interesting thing to try would be to post teams that do not want to listen to guard the command post by the admin - and if they do not want to comply then go home. Unsure how this could all work in reality but may increase the level of play and players.
- Comments:

19. Do you think that it is possible to have a standardized set of general rules for across Canada that everyone follows on the basic items?
- Yes
- Not gonna happen
- Yes but with the ability to change things a bit for a specific type of scenario
- Comments:
Yes I think it is possible but I do not think it will happen anytime soon for there are far too many egos in the game.

20. General comments and feedback (everything will be considered):
More hot chicks should play airsoft... but thier loadout must include a bikini top for the bikini car wash for the vehicles after the game Hot strippers during pre & post game activites should be encouraged... And any of you guys who have hot chicks on your teams and you still manage to actually play without being too distracted - kudos to you!
Yes... I am a pig
(lighten up people... )

Only my opinions folks - feel free to agree or not but post up your thoughts.
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