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Originally Posted by HGI View Post
Brian McIlmoyle, why are you so worked up about new young people starting? Fuck if someone wants to use a $60 gun let them, it's huge advantage to you since your $1000+ gun hopefully shoots better.

I have a feeling your upset that you spent a lot of money to play army barbie and go up extra early to organize all your gear twice and put on make-up when some dude showed up in jeans/hoddy and lit you up with a $60 clear gun.

Sound about right?
You could not be more wrong... I don't actually get to play that much , I run an indoor space and also have a field where I host games...

I have said.. I think 3 times now.. that the gun does not make the player.... I have seen this ... One of the best shooters I have trained runs a half broken G26.. and wears a hoodie... and Owns most he meets. And he earns nothing but my respect.

My concerns come from direct observation and games I have hosted and games that I have gone to .. and the fact that I read every AAR from every game posted on this forum.

Its from feedback from players.. from listening and reading and making observations.

As for new people starting... I am certain that there are very few people who have facilitated or fostered more new people into this activity than me.... Three last night alone. and about that many each and every week ... My doors are wide open to new players.. and I could care less what you are toting for a gun.. as long as it shoots under 350fps with .20 bbs its welcome.

But.. its my house my rules... so I don't have many issues.
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