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Originally Posted by Mudder View Post
I'm a 36 year member of the RCL with the card to prove it and Bloodsport, if he had issues should have only touched the upper part of the sig, not
my endorsement of the magazine...that went too far.

So don't preach to me on respecting veterans.

As for the rest of your post I dismiss it.
I deleted your sig, not him nor by request by him. Want to be an idiot, I'll clean it all out over and over. Play nice here, I'm sick of the BS.

Who cares if you have a card or not. Whoopee.
I ran into burning buildings for 5 years to put out fires as a Volunteer. Quess what no card, no pay, lots of thanks and a plaque on my wall. In the long run who cares. It a part of life.

As I've told a few people today who bitch via PM, you can still reply to people nicely, turn the blind eye and be the "bigger man". If more peope would do that here, I'd have a lot less headaches when I visit the boards and might actually get to read some of the reviews and posts instead of dealing with complaints. So play nice here, and I will not delete your sigs or slap out the infractions.
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