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Originally Posted by wildcard View Post
Well i have to disagree with you there Team STAT signing up on games will only turn pretty much the terminators away, we have no problem with anybody the only ones ever in team STAT target was the terminators from Pacific mall, team STAT can be agressive in our play to some because we don't bunker down (Poncho would kick our collective asses) and before you start on STAT. you should know that we were always more than willing to assist new players, there were countless times where Ponch have assisted his playing time to assist other players and even went as far as opened up his house to host players for OPCT2, what other host has opened up his house for literally strangers???
How manytimes have I or other members of STAT loan out our AEG no questioned asked or rental fee charged?? do we want to be repaid?, No a simple thank you is more than enough and the satisfaction of seeing others being able to play. these days is harder for myself and some others to just give someone our AEG to play with especially when some of the new guys have no care or showing the effort to want to learn about the sport.

Just my 2 cents
You know I reference one Deadlands game and there goes the neighbourhood.

I'm not attacking STAT, nor Poncho and you. The thing I was specificly referencing was one of the deadlands games (potentially Trifecta 1? I can't recall) where WP and some of the STAT crew as I recall signed up, only to immediatley see Agit and a couple others drop out of the game. It was meant to lighten things up from all the poo out there.

I still stand by my point though, it strikes me that folks are a lot more liberal with kit and AEGs at games than they once were. I remember my first few games that there was a) much more of a mythology surrounding the major teams; and b) Most (not all, but I would say 2/3rds) were far more suspicious of new players at games.
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