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Originally Posted by Bonjour43ma View Post

Objection 3: The "Get out of my hobby" comment

I was quite shocked to see a comment like that being posted, let along a few other members that acutally agreed with it. You do not OWN this hobby/sport and anyone that wishes to participate should not be discriminated against because they have a different view than yours. I have many hobbies that are expensive (photography, cars, speedskating) and I have NEVER seen a comment like that in any of those hobby forums. I cannot believe someone acutally said that with a straight face... A comment like that to newbies like myself is utterly offensive and hurtful.

This is the first hobby that I picked up that made me feel un-welcomed, belittled, and un-wanted simply because I am new to it. If you guys really want quality players to stick around and grow into it you should perhaps start thinking about changing your own attitude and try to be more open-minded.

Like BloodSport said - share the fun with others (that are of age/18+), that's the bottom line.
I sorta agreed with the rest of your posts, but this part stuck out for me. The comment you are referring to was directed at someone who cares nothing for airsoft, he mocks airsofters calling them "wannabe army men" and has no intention of ever playing airsoft.

He wanted to get his hands on airsoft so he can shoot cats that stray into his garage, among other things. I have no respect for people like that, and the "get out of my hobby" comment was spot on. I know you are a smart guy by your other posts, read up on Ginnz' previous posts and then make your decision.

Daiviet is a good guy, and he wouldn't have said something like that if it wasn't justified, which it was.
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