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The thing is though clear guns and stupidity seem to correlate to each other. Albeit not by much but it still does correlate to each other. How might you ask? Well easier procurement for one. If you notice, American kids from the 'burbs can easily get mid grade-high grade quality guns for $200. Well on their allowance/mommies or daddies credit card they can just be idiots about them, there's no "well son I don't think I can buy you a $600 toy" and most kids would just buy an x-box for $399 or something else instead. Now I'm going to speculate and there is no data to support this but I am going to speculate that 99% of the stupid street "wars" and things done with airsoft are done by 14-16 year old American kids from the 'burbs.

Canada on the other hand has enjoyed an iron grip on the Airsoft community and before was basically an "invite only" kind of national "club" where everyone knows everyone else and everything was fine and dandy. The players were more committed and "wanted" to be here (I can only speculate to that as I've been chairsofting since my join date (underage) and only started actively playing last year).

SO the point I believe trying to be made is that without ASC's monopoly on the airsoft community easier procurement for stupid teenagers, newbies who flaunt the rules and act like "paintballers", and "tourists" will all contribute to the "death" of airsoft.

It's not clearsoft that is 100% responsible for the "death" of airsoft but the community's attitude plays a part in this. How this can be changed, I don't know but I do believe that something needs to be done. We've already added the newbie tank and a lot on this site has changed but I think that's as far as we can go. So really we as a community is stuck between a rock and a hard place.
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