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Originally Posted by Goldman View Post
Hell I'd say 99% of players are far more approachable now than they were back when Agit would show up with a broken 249 and those hardcore STAT and WP guys would cause people to bail on games just by signing up.

I'd say the best bet (at least for southern Ontario, I'm not sure how the National Capital guys do it) would be to bring back the newb day. Bring back the milsim teams to scirmishes at public fields/events, and bring back the openess. We've all be jaded or abused, be it trying to mentor a team/player who never repaid you, or being misled into having festering anger with other players.
Well i have to disagree with you there Team STAT signing up on games will only turn pretty much the terminators away, we have no problem with anybody the only ones ever in team STAT target was the terminators from Pacific mall, team STAT can be agressive in our play to some because we don't bunker down (Poncho would kick our collective asses) and before you start on STAT. you should know that we were always more than willing to assist new players, there were countless times where Ponch have assisted his playing time to assist other players and even went as far as opened up his house to host players for OPCT2, what other host has opened up his house for literally strangers???
How manytimes have I or other members of STAT loan out our AEG no questioned asked or rental fee charged?? do we want to be repaid?, No a simple thank you is more than enough and the satisfaction of seeing others being able to play. these days is harder for myself and some others to just give someone our AEG to play with especially when some of the new guys have no care or showing the effort to want to learn about the sport.

Clearguns are a miniscule problem facing ASC/ Canadian airsoft now, the most important thing that I noticed now is just New players not wanting to understand the rules or respect the rules. new players I observed in the last two years are similar to paintball players, Hosing without regards to safety of others, ignoring simple rules such as safety in loading ares etc. these things would have been prevented if the new players were to at least attend the noob day event or even Brian's Course but since the introduction of clearsoft and the availability of it we are overwhelmed by all the noobs wanting to play.
How many youtube videos can you find now with some stupid stunts commited by airsoft or using airsoft??. Shit flinging aside gears and guns are just tools the most important things are training and introductory events where new players can get acustomed to the way this game is played and that's including Proper conductthat is expected to be adhere to by them.

Just my 2 cents

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