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Game Day Preparedness

So after reading the " Clear guns and the death... thread" I am wondering if I'm prepared for the Rawdon game next Saturday. So rather that face the "wrath" and dissaproval of other players at the event I'd like to ask for the imput of the veteran players to see what they think?

I am bringing;

G&G M4-primary
A&k M249-backup

Tm Mkm23

Spare batteries, gas, propane adpator, and extra mags for all guns.
Tactical rig
Boonie cap
tool kit
6L of water ( is this enough if its hot)
2 bottles of gatoraid (electrolites baby)
2 sets of eye protection
garbadge bags
cooler with ice
first aid kit

Anything that I am missing or that is suggested?
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