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i think that this is getting blown out of proportion for a lot of people. they are willing to bitch about the system but refuse or just have no ideas on how to help fix it. i didnt have anyone to mentor me when i started into airsoft. but i was lucky enough to find people at a local game who let me ask lots of questions and i would absorb. right now i am currently mentoring another player who is interested in the sport. he uses my extra gear/weapons and i am helping him meet other people and select his weapons and play style. i think we need more of this style of assistance. so heres my pitch.

-get willing members of ASC to contribute there time to take PM's etc from anyone new and answer questions they have. (i'll do it if they give me a larger inbox. lol)

-host newb days/ open houses (im contemplating having one here)

-have volunteers (possibly the ones that are already doing the first recomendation) that are willing to go to games eary or stay late to take new kids and show them a few things annswer questions and decide if they are really willing to become part of the comunity.

-host training days that show proper safety and decision making. (similar to the BA cert course)

-have swap meets where new guys can get other guys old gear for cheap.

-have noob games. where the guys can show up in jeans and a sweater with a cansoft/ borrowed/ rented gun. and play with willing vets to lead them and "train" them. (if you dont want them at regular games why not give them there own?)

i am willing to do all of these things to make sure that these guys get just as much chance to love this sport like i do.
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