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Originally Posted by pusangani View Post
I went to a FR game not too long ago and there was some 15yo kid with a fucking motocross chestplate on over his tshirt and jeans combo, with a cansoft and hicap, this fucking pisses me off, seriously is this NS or NFLD where they're so desperate for players that they let kids play with them, NO this is fucking ON, we're better than that

/end rant
not trying to start anything, cause i think there is way too much bullshit going on right now, but as for your comment, I am in NS. we have a fairly decent turnout to our games, and we DO adhere to the accepted rules of airsoft here on ASC, ie.players are 18+. Sure your gonna get the idiot, uninformed 15 year old playing with his buddys in the neighborhood parks, but you will get that anywhere, even in "fucking ONTARIO" As i said I am not trying to start anything, just didnt like the uninformed and completely wrong comment about NS.

/end rant....
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