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If its possible id like to add my 2 cents :

Well i have been playing for at least 5 years , my first few games were skimishes were i could load up and drink some fluids , i didnt have the gear for the harder milsims so i watched , played with a few vets ( i asked if i could play with them and LISTENED to what they said ) .

I have an several m14's ( tm are perfered myself , having good luck with them . ) 1 kart ebr ( which shoots decent enough , i just did some minor adjustments ) , 2 ics full metal mseries ( minor upgrades - tight bores and 120 springs to shoot 380 to 400 fps . ) . I also have one g&g smoked clear reciever which i have used several times , shoots 360 , upgraded gearbox came with the gun and has a very similar plastic lower reciever to my tm m4 but smoked color . It shoots very well for the cost of the aeg and came in a nice pkg for the starter player .

Ill help anyone who asks questions and shows some initative to learn , airsoft is a close knit comunity and those who are asshats usually dont survive long.
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