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Interesting thread to say the least. I wish I could witness this passion and energy at a skirmish or a themed event.

Many of the events seem to be a live version of an ASC thread where everyone has to put in there own $0.02 on how the game is going to be played. What is a good first "AEG" and so on ad nauseum.

I am basically responding to BM's first post.

"Real Airsoft", "Black Guns" or whatever you want to call them are damn hard to get regardless of price. And there's a decent chance that the experience won't be pretty.

Since I joined this board in December 2008 and became AV'd no less than five AV'd only retailers have folded. I have bought off of 3 of them.

I am not going to go into names and details but realising that you might just be out $1K to $5K for a hobby isn't a good feeling at all.

As far as noobs vs. vets go sometimes it seems like the roles have been reversed. I've played with 18 year olds that were decent enough. The young guy that came out to FR on July 28 was cool enough. He had a clear smoked AK and Hi Capa and was ready to play.

I have also played far too many people that have been around this board for years that seem to love the safe zone way too much and have behaved in the field in a way that made me shake my head. Some are just plain rude and unfriendly.

I am not a big fan of clear guns or painted clear guns. I had one and gamed it once. It gathered dust for a few months and then I sold it on here.

The idea of playing with a clear gun just didn't cut it for me.

It might be cool for others. But my guess is that they will be out of the game in a year.
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