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youve got alot of nerve waving your internet ego around. i dont think you have any right to tell me to cut the horseshit. do you say the same thing to someone wearing a poppy in november? and what does my aver status have to do with anything? i should ask how you got av'd because with an attitude like that im pretty sure your request should have gotten mysteriously lost. you think quoting me in your sig is an attempt at makeing me look bad? try again, im proud to say that, ive said it 100 times before and ill continue to say it.

you honestly dont think doing an accurate impression and trying to see what its like for our soldiers through milsim game play isnt a way of trying to honour them? when you run for cover under fire you dont get a sense of what these guys go through and you dont say to your self holy shit thats amazing. i dont have to worry about dying or getting people killed and i think its pretty intense when its friends shooting plastic. so im humbled and want to shake the hand of the man who is getting shot at by bad people with real bullets.
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a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.
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