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A few years ago I decided to give away all the excess gear and bdu's I had. It was enough to kit out one guy. So I decided to hold a raffle. A bunch of vets in the area donated pouches, webbing, belts you name it. All I asked was that the people entering the draw have no gear and be a new player. I asked that the winner make a commitment to the sport and actually show up to play. Well I got about 15 names and made the draw. I sent a large box off to the winner and NEVER heard from him again. I have been watching for this young fellow to show up but 2 years later still nothing. Oh well....Fast forward to present day. I run the local field in Ottawa. I put in hours and hours and my own money to get the games going. We set up a website made a self registering feature on that website so players could sign up and remove themselves as they saw fit or needed to. Still with everything we have tried to do to motivate the new players quite a few still show up with sub par guns and zero equipment, water, food or motivation. As it often does in the summer it gets to be a bit warm and half of them wander off to the safe zone to "rest". Airsoft is a team oriented sport and when half your team just wanders around aimlessly not taking any regard for the rest of their squad/team it just pisses people off to no end. I get tired of having to give away my water and food and jacket or time to fix their guns because they have not invested any time and or effort into getting themselves prepared. I am more than willing to help anyone that asks but for the love of fuck show some initiative, drive and determination. If you want to play "paintsoft" do it on your own time not everyone else's.
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