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Originally Posted by L473ncy View Post
Really though for some of the larger teams I think there should be a "team store" or armoury. If someone needs a rental ask on a team forum and rent a gun for $20, if someone needs some BDU's then just give them a set of OD much like what you'd do at a paintball field with coveralls. I realize this isn't very feasible for most teams as guns cost money and you need to have a gundoc or someone maintain them and as for the BDU's you need a variety of sizes but it might be an idea for the larger teams.

No, no, no, no and no.

It is the responsibility of the player to kit himself out, not the responsibility of others to provide for him. When I go to any game, I have rifle with a functional backup. I have a GBB with a functional back-up. I have my planned BDUs for the day, as well as kit with a fallback for a lighter load if it is hot.

I come with BBs (I don't pester people a week before to buy some), batteries fully charged (not sitting there borrowing someones charger an hour before game time). I bring a radio, food, water, boots, several eyewear options, kill rag, bug spray, antifog, paper towels, minimal tools to do emergency repair (usually to other guys guns) or adjustments. I get my ass there early, gear up and am ready to go in a matter of minutes. Then I have time to BS with other guys. I load my mags the night before to keep gear-up time to a minimum. I don't show up late, and I don't pester guys to borrow things.

This is called self-sufficiency. It works in other areas of life as well.
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