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I think a big problem that hurt "oldschool" airsoft in Canada (Ont. at least) has been the invention and common use of the internet.

wtf shrike? you say. The people that I first played with (like Scarecrow described, in '04 for me) ALLOWED you to attend a game and you were watched. And approached to join teams. It was all part of the social aspect of the underground sport. I fantasized about a sport like this all my life so finding it I was like a kid in the candy store. I wanted to jump in and belong. I FOUND OTHER NORMAL (sort of) PEOPLE WHO LIKE PLAYING WITH GUNS AND TACTICS!! I was on ASC (and have been since) all the time, it's the first time I ever got involed with a community online. I was a posting noob too. Treadstone and KD were the funniest people I had ever read and I developed man crushes. I musta freaked em out cause Tready BLASTED me in a pm about no one wanting me here. I still don't know if that asshole was joking or not at the time. I was mortified that I had offended this community that I wanted to be a part of and posted a public appology for whatever damage I had done (probably posting "lol" after every kd or tready post) Did I mention they are dicks?

back to my point, Scarecrow or Morb or someone was talking about back in the day day, when some ooooold guy named Poncho had to call people on a weekend and have a telephone chain or something to arrange games. ON TEH FONE!! That intimacy creates a tribe (teams) that dissolved into many other tribes. Change happened. Now with the internet, little Johnny Rottenass can log in anywhere and add to the fray on this asc tribe.

I have no answers, just wanted to blame the internet for something.
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