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Originally Posted by Torque View Post
I have a quick question. Are you guys mad at people that show up to their first game in jeans and have a clearsoft or ones that play for more then a few months like that. How long does one have between their first game and requireing all the goods needed?
Hmm.... good question torque. I think that it should be within the first 3 games or first 2 months. Whichever comes first.

If they're interested and committed then they should go out to an army surplus and just get a $40 pair of OD combats at minimum.

If you were there my first game I actually didn't have BDU's (they were at home) and had to borrow from Jonas but I ended up liking my first game and did buy a vest after.

Really though for some of the larger teams I think there should be a "team store" or armoury. If someone needs a rental ask on a team forum and rent a gun for $20, if someone needs some BDU's then just give them a set of OD much like what you'd do at a paintball field with coveralls. I realize this isn't very feasible for most teams as guns cost money and you need to have a gundoc or someone maintain them and as for the BDU's you need a variety of sizes but it might be an idea for the larger teams.
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