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I understand fully the issues and concerns raised here. I have my own as well.

I'm an entirely new player. I've not been to a game yet, though that's happening sooner rather than later. Given the tough place I am in with money right now, I'm assuming it's perfectly reasonable to go to a game (with prior notice mind you) in jeans, a hoodie, and ask to borrow someone's gun (also with prior notice). It lets me learn the game, learn proper safety, and gives me a taste for the game. If I love it, which I'm assuming I will, then I can go full-bore into it and get fully kitted out. If I don't, no harm, you'll never hear from me again.

My question is, if I show up to a game without full kit but with a learning attitude and proper respect for all rules and safety, will I still get looked down on purely for not having proper kit?

EDIT: mcguyver answered it pretty well.

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