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I would agree that safety is an issue with some newer players who have never handled a firearm before.

With each training session for my Team (1CSSR) or game we have a review of basic safety rules. Trigger Discipline, Muzzle Discipline, First Aid, No Duff, Blind Fire and such.

Recently we had an ASC Member attend a training session. I will ask that members of ASC or 1CSSR not to mention specifics about this member in public, if you are aware of whom I am discussing.

This ASC member is fairly new, and did have clear soft. He presented as very young and immature. He had difficulty with his safe handling skills. So I took some time and asked other members that had been at events this member had been at. They also confirmed this ASC members poor safe handling and lax attitude.

So I sent this member a PM, asking him about specific concerns that I had, and I would like to work with him to create a positive outcome.

He has yet to send a response of any substance, basically he ignored it.

I was hoping to get the opportunity to mentor him, or at least provide some more training and education around Normal Safe Handling.

At this same training session we had another ASC member also attended with clearsoft. He had decent safe handling skills. Just proving it is not the gun, it is the person in control of it.

We as a community, regardless of the Team we are on, or the Clubs we belong to, or the Fields we play on, need to form a common standard. We need to ensure for the safety of ourselves and our sport need to make that we allow new players to develop the correct skills. That when a player needs to grow and learn how to operate safely, provide that training. If a player after several attempts just cannot or will not get it, then BAN him.

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