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Geez, this declined into a slinging
poop-fest over night...

Brian may have his views on why
things have declined, but that doesn't
take anything away from what he
does every week at his facility.
Judge him by his actions.

Take last night as an example—
about 10 people attended his CQB
2 man training night, most were
new players/inexperienced ones.
There was some clear-soft and
lots of civilian clothes. Before we
started everyone was shown what
was expected and effective in the
environment. Of course it was
reiteration for me But never
hurts to keep seeing demos on
safety, proper gun handling,
effective team movement, silent
commands etc etc.

There were 3 of us who've been
playing there for a lot longer than
the new comers, but we treated
the new guys just how we like to
be treated. Of course not every
game/drill went perfect but we
offered correction and advice when
ever possible. Trigger control was
a little loose on the dead coming
out of play, but they'll learn just
as we did from the guys before us.
I think we demonstrated that we
weren't trying to rack up kills but
to have quality games and would
not take risky shots to do so. And
hopefully that kind of play has
been passed on.

The new guys all seemed to have
a great time. After the night, as
usual anyone who wanted to hang
out and chit chat was welcome in
the lounge. All nice guys looking
forward to seeing them again, but
for the love of airsoft-god— get a
full-face mask and gloves!

PS: that toy I was showing off was
a Maruzen MP5k GBB. Fun eh?
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