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Originally Posted by Mudder View Post
Quaking in my boots, junior!
Note I said, They and They're, get with the syntax.

My quote was posted 2 hours before you could edit your post and add information. Originally you agreed with the personal attack on Brian M. I'm with the syntax in which you meant in the beginning. Childish remarks will get you no where.

Originally Posted by ginnz View Post
sorry Daiviet, you must have misunderstood, i wasnt referring to the average airsofter in general, i was actually referring to you in general..... sorry for any confusion in this matter....

alpha tango foxtrot whiskey in the jaro out....
You cannot label me as a 12 year old army wannabe without labelling others as well. I do this hobby because it's something I enjoy, not because I'm training for the forces. I'm sure there are a lot of others here who enjoy this hobby for the same reasons I do, and thus painting them with that same description of a 12 year old wannabe.

Originally Posted by Torque View Post
Why not just avoid games or host or clubs that don't meet your minimum load out requirment. This seems more of the host and club owners responsablity. Just my 2cents.
Agreed, but to a point. Avoiding games that don't appeal to you is definetly the easiest solution. The issue is that for some members, their local games don't hold up the same minimum loadouts or allow random walk ons from the general public to play. Those members don't have to much of a choice if other fields are too far away, or if the airsoft community in their area is based on a very limited amount of people. If the player really enjoys the hobby and wants to play, but their field allows these untrained newbies to join up, what choice does the person really have in which games they want to attend.

Originally Posted by Jimski View Post
I don't know for elsewhere, but here in MTL all the new players that have joined since 2004 are very good and motivated players.
The Canadian-legal guns that IG and others are bringing in make everyone happy, and to be honest I haven't seen many wannabe gangstas in jeans running around with clearsoft.
Thats very good, sounds like Montreal has a very close airsoft community. I'd love to join you guys for a game up there one day.

There haven't been too many wanna gangstas that i've seen, but I have noticed at games new people who just randomly pick up a broxa or kraken or dmps panther, show up to a game in a t shirt and jeans, and expect to play. To no fault, I understand why vets turn them away, or tell them that if they're truely interested, to observe and learn, to see if they're really interested in the game.

People can say we're elitest towards paintball. Good, I don't care, we probably are. I'd prefer the elitest and exclusive nature of airsoft over the doorless, unguarded gates of the paintball world any day.
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