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whatever, i believe i was "attacked" first..... but im letting it all go, all i had was a point to make regarding the OP..... and i guess i partially misinterpreted the point, and had cleared that up with the other guy.... its just a little ridiculous how some guys get so bent out of shape when discussing their plastic shooting BB guns.

ill clear out of this thread, all im interested in is collecting the guns, and really like to work on them in my spare time..... thats all.

and i now see the point of the OP's post, as pointed out to me by TheSaint, as a group of guys get together for "gaming" all taking their hobby seriously, investing substantial coin in their guns/gear, trying to keep it as realistic as possible, and some guys come into the game wearing jeans and waving around clearsoft hi cap guns.... i can see why they would feel dissed by this....

but my original post was to emphasize the attitudes that contribute to the "death of a hobby", not to put anyone down, and i apologize if thats what ive done, no disrespect intended.....i guess i shot back a little to quickly, but to have a guy jump on me and tell me to "leave his hobby" over making a simple case in point, was pretty much exactly the attitude i was getting at in my post to begin with..... so it is what it is....

but ill say it again, if i insulted anyone here, i apologize.
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