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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
Drake saw this coming, almost exactly 1 year ago. He gets first dibs on "I told you so":

I'd actually forgotten about that post. I recall it took a lot of flack back then from all the Expansionists.

Nothing new to say really, nothing has changed. Some of you have now come to certain realizations about clearsoft and the push to grow the sport; you shouldn't flatter yourselves into thinking you're among the first to realize it: the schism happened a long time ago, the vets are already doing their thing on their end, milsim will live on -- just not in the public eye.

"Airsoft" as a public word has become synonymous with clearsoft and backyard skirmishes. This is what it's become and to all the oldschool airsofters, it's now in the same bin as speedball. Heck, there are paintballers out there who at least make an effort to play in an organized, structured milsim environment.

Call that elitist? Go ahead. Paintballers had called us elitists for years, we never lost a wink of sleep over it.

And to the new players who actually are serious? Don't worry, you'll find us, just like we always found each other in the past.

True airsoft and milsim isn't dead, we're just off the radar again. And to those who've just now realized what's going on, now's a good time to get to the lifeboats.

The bottom line is simple, really: anyone's free to play how they like, with the equipment they like. But that doesn't mean others are obliged to play with you.

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