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Brian McIlmoyle, sorry if this seems harsh but this is what it seems like to me.

(to get this out of the way)
My concern is that people can now "get into airsoft" on their own.. they don't need any sort of indoctrination .. no skills and no knowledge required.
Game admins, Field rules, Tailgate meeting before every game to point out and reduce risk. If there's a idiot they're 99.99% of the time asked to leave or kicked off the field.

(Now this)
Used to be that you needed a pretty good chunk of change to get started in any significant way.. this kept the ratio of punters to players in check

In my other, other life, I teach Martial arts.. One of the things we do is fight with steel weapons in Armour to submission.
The bar to entry to that level of participation is $5000.00 or more in equipment and 3+ years of training.

I don't care if I get a warning or temp ban for this but I don't think I like you at all Brian. It seems like your here bragging that you drive around in your brand new sport car all done up, your gold membership, bragging how you spent so much to get into this sport, bragging how it cost $5000 + in gear alone just so you hit each other with metal polls.

If you have all this money to burn then go ahead and buy a shit ton of 'real airsoft' guns and start handing them out to those less fortunate players who show up with what they can and TRY!

I don't know when the last time you checked the employment status here in Canada but the unemployment rate is record high right now. Take your money, your 24k gold toy gun and your pretty real un-issued military prom dress and play the game or find another hobby like Car Racing, Buying Islands ext ext.
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