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Originally Posted by ginnz View Post
why do you say that? all your doing is driving my point further home....

and to The Saint, i see what your saying, and understand completely.

and to the guys who say getout of my hobby. well, as far as i am concerned, i never was in it. im simply collecting these things, and like to build them up, and work on them. no running around playing army, i got out of that mode at twelve years old, and after i left the reserves....i see your either still in the forces of some kind, or the latter. ;-)
So you're saying the typical airsofter is either someone who is still in the forces, or has the mindset of a twelve year old. Once again I must reiterate: Get out of my hobby.

Once again, the point isn't the fact that new guys are picking up sub $200 guns, it's the fact that any shitheaded 18 year old can pick up a $200 gun and show up to a field and play without establishing themselves in the community. If that shithead creates problems either intentional or not, and either through their actions or words, no one knows who he/she is, and they'll never be held responsible for their actions. Sure they'll get kicked off the field, but then they spread the word that airsofters are assholes (because admit it, most people who get kicked off fields think they're the superior ones) and they still take no huge loss to themselves. (Steve, I hear you're still getting a lot of KTMT at Defcon. I trust you've taught them well.)

From what I've observed, sure there are guys on here who have the clear/smoked reciever guns. I've played alongside a few and they've been good, showing that gear doesn't reflect skill. These guys however have wanted to move on from their ENTRY LEVEL gear into more intermediate stuff. My problem lies with the random guys who I've never heard of before show up with this stuff on the field, without an account on ASC, without anyone on the field being able to vouch for them. A lot of the time these people don't have a clue on safety, how to handle their weapon outside a game area. Case and point is RIGHT HERE

People tend to think a bit more when they've actually established themselves and a reputation amongst a community. Their actions tend to reflect that as well. It's usually a sad day when an established member disgraces themselves in the eye of the community.

Once again, in large text for EVERYONE to see:

THIS ISN'T A DEBATE BETWEEN CLEAR LOWER END AIRSOFT STUFF AND HIGHER END AIRSOFT GUNS. This is a debate on how easily accessible the clear lower end airsoft stuff has made entry to our sport TOO EASY for anyone on the street who wants to play. Due to this influx, we get newbies who are Less Commited to learning safety, rules, and regulations. And because of this, it's creating a noticable gap in the airsoft community between the veteran crowd and the newer players

You want to know more about me and how I learned from this? Too bad if you say no, I'm going to tell you anyways.

I got into airsoft through a friend who had been playing for years who taught and mentored me into this sport. I was told to go onto the forums and read up and learn. I watched Greylocks mercilessly butcher down any stupid newbie who was too damn lazy to search or didn't take the advice that they asked for. I learned to read, do research, and stay away from shit quality because buying shit was buying twice. Instead of opting for a shit m4 from walmart, I opted for buying a brand new TM P90 off the classifieds for around the 500 mark. Before I sent the money, I had to say myself: "As soon as I click this send button, I'm now committed to this sport and should learn how to integrate myself into the community" I doubt I would have done the same with a sub $200 gun that I bought off some random internet website.

So before you or anyone else comes in here again accusing us of not mentoring newbies, you better take a step back and look at the whole situation.
Because of the amount of new players, it is too hard for such a small community to be able to keep up with teaching every newbie the fundamentals to our sport. Idiots get by, creating a tension between vets and newbies.
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