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What do you consider a "great" game?

hello folks,

I play with the fReaKs out of Alberta. Recently I attended a game in Rivers Manitoba - Op: Cold Front. Quite a game for sure with a bunch of highs and some lows but overall the biggest high for me was working with the guys I ended up playing with the whole time. Kimbo, Gish, Megaman & Blaklite. Amazing for a misfit team we did remarkably well together and it was a blast indeed.

It was suggested by Kimbo that perhaps we might be able to arrange some games between Edmonton and Calgary since we are so close but it has not been happening over the years...

I decided it would be interesting to find out what players' game preferences were to help increase the level of the game as well as player satifaction to hopefully make for even better seasons. I have been posting this on a few Western Canada airsoft sites and one of them mentioned an idea that intrigud me and wanted to see if it was possible to arrange. Please post your comments below - the question at the end is a big one...

I am also looking for your feedback from as many as possible about what you like/dislike in a game/venue/op... and see if a game can get close to ensuring as many as possible have a great time and it runs smoothly and professionally

Please feel free to copy and paste to answer these questions.

Please post how long you have been playing so we have an idea what the new guys like compared to the veterans and see if we can get a good mix so everyone has fun.

Call sign:
Years playing:

1. Venue preference
- Woods
- Buildings
- Mixture of Woods & Buildings
- Historic site or unique facility (increases game costs)
- Local field with less intricate building layouts
- Comments:

2. Size of field/venue
- Large area (how big?)
- Small area (speedball paintball field type, 1 building CQB)
- medium sized (how big?)
- size – 10 acres – 2 acres…?
- Comments:

3. Game costs (what would you pay for a great game)
- $100 +
- $75 - 100
- $50 - 75
- $25 – 50
- Comments:

4. Travel distance vs. game length (what is your ideal – include where you live)
- 6 hour game - 1 hour travel
- 4 hour game - 3 hour travel
- 12 hour game - 6 hour travel
- 18 hour game - 12 hour travel
- 24 hour game - 16 hour travel
- Comments:

5. Type of game you enjoy:
- Skirmish (head to head battle)
- Milsim with objectives that last the game length
- Point based objectives to score the game at the end
- Time based objectives for holding areas the longest
- Multiple missions and new intel that arrives through the game so it keeps changing
- Game with a commander and command structure with good comms (will you listen or just do your own thing?)
- Other kind
- Comments:

6. Medics
- yes or no
– is there a way they cannot be abused?
- Clearly defined medic badges to denote them on the field as well as bandages?
- Comments:

7. Grenades
– yes or no
– Safety? especially for the venue (considering unknown UAX’s and vehicles) as well as for potential hearing loss or damage should they hit someone
- use of mock grenades (tennis balls, dud replicas, etc…)
- kill rules – will they be followed (for they were not at Cold Front) – what are they?
- frag a room – everyone is dead… outside the room is fine? What is reasonable?
- Fragging a room and no on dies is not reasonable and then they are pointless or just to make noise and see things go boom but increase liability
- Comments:

8. Vehicles
– yes or no
– multiple drivers
- you bring it – others can drive it
- actually allowing vehicles to be tasked even if you want to do something else (team work)
- what is the point of having vehicles there if you are not willing to work with the team
- Comments:

9. Mobile respawns
- set up in vehicles
- portable boxes/bags
- allow – yes or no
- Comments:

10. Disabling Spawns
– yes or no
– have to restart at the staging if main spawns are taken
- Comments:

11. FPS restrictions
– can we really trust everyone?
- Do we have time to check?
- what is a reasonable FPS?
- it is time consuming to change springs and some may not have them?
- do we consider the experience of the player and the team they play with?
- Sniper – FPS… – semi auto only or bolt action (does anyone ever check for this?)
- Rifleman – FPS…
- Comments:

12. Age restrictions
– should we make the age limit higher to ensure a more mature player?
- 18, 19, 20, 21, 22 minimum ages
(according to developmental biology – the frontal lobe does not fully develop until this age for most men – hence the “invincible” mentality or “that can’t happen to me” without considering consequences)
- Comments:

13. Blind firing
– allow it not? Seems to cause issues and controversy
- Real life there are no rules.
- If safety is a concern then other area should be tightened up otherwise it can appear to be hypocritical and inconsistent
- Comments:

14. Gun hits
– kill or not?
- Do people even really follow this?
- Comments:

15. T.M.F.R. Syndrome (too many f**king rules)
– people do not pay attention or follow them all and forget if it gets too complicated
- K.I.S.S. principle (keep it simple stupid)
- Comments:

16. Maps and building layouts
– if they are to be provided they should be easy to follow – or are they necessary?
- Comments:

17. - Mag restrictions – the only thing I have ever seen enforced are box mags on non LMG’s… has anyone ever actually gone through the trouble of checking –
- Comments:

18. Admin Suggestions for…
- Registration…
- Starting on time…
- Admins playing…
- Dealing with issues & arguments…
- Game Discipline… (i.e. kicking out the tards and whiners)
- Assigning commanders… (will they be followed?)
- Comments:

19. Do you think that it is possible to have a standardized set of general rules for across Canada that everyone follows on the basic items?
- Yes
- Not gonna happen
- Yes but with the ability to change things a bit for a specific type of scenario
- Comments:

20. General comments and feedback (everything will be considered):
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