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Is there something wrong with my hi cap magasine?

Well i just recieved my G&G M4 CQB-R and i started shooting at targets with it. Sometimes while im shooting, the gun would start dry firing. To fix this, i would spin the thing on the bottom of the magasine and "crank" more BBs, however, sometimes i dont get this problem at all (300 rounds?) whereas sometimes i get this problem after 30 rounds.

Also, when i reach the end of the magasine (25ish BBs are "cranked" up with none in the chamber) , the gun wont shoot. I would have to refill the magasine and continue.

Is there anything wrong with my magasine?

Ive read about magasines people buying without those "miss feeds". Is my magasine misfeeding or just factory defect

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