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Originally Posted by Skruface View Post
Personally, I think crapsoft should be treated the same way we treat bb guns on this forum...

We shouldn't promote it, and we ought to send people on their way to find a crapsoft forum if they want to talk about it or deal in it.
Originally Posted by The Saint View Post
I don't think this will kill airsoft, provided that we make a firm stand against it here and now.
well those two quotes go hand in hand, if there was a way to show you how much i agree this should happen id do it. clearsoft use to be banned in the classifieds. no LQAEG (low quality aeg) should be allowed. sorry, if you want to be a part of this community you do so on the coimmunities terms, not your own.

i agree get the hell out of my sport, you completley missed the entire essence this sport stands for. its not about "more fun" less realism" its ALL about the the realism, its what this sport is built on, its the foundation, its the lifeblood its the air this sport breaths. more fun, less realism... cmon, that is just the stupidest thing anyone could say. if you honsetly believe that statement your hopless. go play paintball with an attitude like that. if you dont want to don a set of bdus and vests, hey, go put a pair of coveralls on, if you dont want to yell alpha bravo, go yell SMASH ONE AT THE 30! if you dont mind having a no realistic gun, go get a marker. that statment isnt even applicable with this sport, if it was more about fun and less about realism, then what in the all fuck are you doing here!!?? why do you care to buy a clear replica? why do you buy the accessories for them!? if you didnt care about realism, youd be playing another sport, so obviously the realism means something. if your more worried about haveing fun and not doing a quality impression, go play counterstrike.

this community (this website along with the canadawide community) is for people who are into airsoft for the right reason, who enjoy the realism, who see it as a way to honour those served and serving, if your not and dont and can admit it, great! thanks, but remove yourself from the community in which you dont belong. quite poisoning the air and blood of the community in which the rest of us wish to stay in. many people have worked hard to make this community what it is, and it is plain slefish and unfair to have clueless, ignorant people come in here and piss all over it. shame on you for contibuting and being apart of that. clearsoft IS a poison and is eroding the sport and the community. we watched what happened to paontball when it was released to the public. you lost all control of the sport and it was flooded with 12yo snot nosed kids who didnt give a fuck about sportsmanship, good attitudes, comradery. it was about egos, smakc talk and all around shit. i left that sport for this and now i can see it happening again. except the unbelievable part is that the snot nosed shit heads are 18+ who should have the self awareness to see that "oh wait a minute, i dont quite belong here, but instead of leaving, im going to whine and snivle cuz i cant have it my way. that guy shouldnt be able to use his 2k ptw cuz its better than my 200$ kraken." you know what boofucking hoo. does that work at the race track? does the retard who shows up with his moms 94 station wagon get to run the show and tell the guys with blown stangs that theyre not allowed to race cuz theyll beat him, or tell them theyre rediculous because they spent so much money on their cars? does the kid who shows up for hockey try outs get to tell the other players theyre not allowed to use theyre skates and stick because theyre better than the ones he could afford? no. you know what happens there? you go home and do one of two things, decide you want to play on that level and make some changes to yourself, or you walk away. but you dont whine and snivle and try to change something thats already established, and been that way longer than youve probly been alive. you cant go play in the nhl with street hockey equipment, you cant go play baseball with softball equipment, you cant go race in indy or nascar with a gocart. if you want to be a part of something, you conform to the way it is, not change it to suit your budget or attitude. its called being a man. look at the situation and decide what your father would do. would your father cry foul and cry about how its not fair and run around with a fat lip and crocadile tears telling everyone theyre stupid for being better than him?

this isnt a convenient sport. this isnt a cheap sport. this isnt a part time sport. if your not ok with that. go scrapbook, or crochet, but dont fucking cry about it.
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a Systema PTW is like KD, where the noodles are plated in gold and the cheese sauce is actually a pool of hot naked women.

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