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EDIT: This is in response to Doombringer (in case that wasn't apparent)

Yeah fair enough but take the Phillipines/HK/China/Japan/etc. for example. Do you ever see kids getting in the news for shooting an airsoft gun at pedestrians? I think not. Sure they can get their stuff for dirt cheap but it's the attitude of the culture (I guess you can couple that with police who stand outside banks with AK-47's who shoot first ask questions later).

Here in Canada there is no luxury of such a culture. The airsofting community in Canada is "attacked" by soccer moms and the general anti-gun sentiment that is part of the Canadian culture. Couple that with retarded suburban kids who think they're "the shit" and a total-G-unit-gangster who think shooting at pedestrians and/or playing on the street is OK and you can always "blink fast" as an alternative to proper eye protection, well there's a big problem.

I don't think clearsoft is the direct problem but contributes to it. I'm still on the fence about the state of airsoft and whether or not clearsoft is good or bad for the community. Like I said it's much easier for me to introduce friends to the sport and tell them to spend $450-550 for gun and gear than before where the entry price was significantly higher. BUT at the same time proliferation has reduced the controls that we had previously enjoyed which was to basically to mentor players and slowly expand the sport making sure that 99.999% of the players in Canada had passed through here and were competent and knowledgeable about the basics of the sport after being around for a bit and getting help from some senior members on the field.

These days 16 year old joe schomoe from down the "'burb" can get a gun with no intention to become part of the community and in turn do something stupid with said gun.
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