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to the OP....

come on man. wake up. in all reality, if its a clear piece of crap 60.00 (overpriced gun), its still a plastic BB shooting toy.

man, i cant believe so many of the elitists on board..... i mean, to an outsider, most people would think that anyone who spends 500 - 1500 on a bb firing toy is an idiot....grown men, wearing bdu's and all geared up with throat mikes calling out "alpha tango bla bla", toting plastic shooting bb guns and playing army..... and the high priced gun owners sitting there smirking at a guy with a "clear" gun.... see where this is going? it all seems rather foolish.

to me the death of airsoft, like many hobbies is in the attitudes of those who are in the hobby..... case in point, im involved with RC Heli's..... most of mine are between 800.00 (for small 450's) and up to 3200.00 for my Trex 600E, and if im at the field and some kid comes along with a piece of crap RTF blade 400, i tell him, good for you, and if he asks for any help, ill spend the whole afternoon, helping him set up his swash plate or gyro or whatever, help him learn to hover, ect.... and never tell him he's stupid for buying an eflyte rtf bird.... just encourage him and hope he hangs in such a tough hobby, and doesnt get discouraged..... unfortunately there seems to be just the opposite attitude in this hobby..... guys immediately jumping down a noobs throat, or assuming so many negative things in a simple post.

dont get me wrong, im not saying all guys are like that! just that i see that attitude around alot..... thats the kind of stuff that attributes to the death of a hobby IMO.

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