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I think this sums up my opinion a little better (just responded to a PM with it, thought I'd post it here):

I have two issues against the halfbreeds. The first is the fact that for years we've been told that the reason AEG's are retarded expensive is because they're a bitch to import. That's true. Then these "canadian legal" halfbreeds come along.. and they're $150 less than the full black, full metal ones. And G&G at that. I'd very much rather pay $600 for a full black Classic Army gun that is superior to a G&G halfbreed in every way than $450 for a gun that's 50% clear.

My second issue is the fact that age verification now means a hell of a lot less. People don't need to be AV'd to get guns anymore. While this could have an effect of expanding the community, the more common result is the degredation of the quality of the people playing. With guns like the shitty Aftermath ones so readily available for cheap, casual players are becoming more and more common. The kind of "weekend warriors" who just want to go shoot shit and don't care about wearing camos or vests or anything.

Now, the above might seem a bit like an elitist attitude, but honestly, I started playing and invested numerous thousands in airsoft because I loved the idea of playing semi-milsim. I'm not an overly serious player, and I'm certaintly not a hard-core milsimer, but I sure as hell HATE playing against people who come with clear guns, shorts, t-shirts, hi-caps, and have no desire to play as a team. It totally kills the game. And unfortunetly the increased availability of the clear guns has increased the amount of those players.

That's my $0.02. Other people may disagree but that's my take on it.

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