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I don't think the cansofts had anything to do with this current fiasco. Cansofts and their readily painted lower receivers, were essentially just like any other airsoft guns. Many has very respectable out of the box performance. Given our situation, they have a legitimate place in the Canadian market.

The crapsoft in Moogy's thread is far, far below even the worst cansofts available and right into the LPEG that Cyma and Wells don't even really make anymore. The only reason why the crapsoft made it on to ASC is because no one either asked Moogy what he was selling or didn't care when they took his money for ASC Retailer status. The shift into transparency could've/should've/would've been stopped at the minimum necessary level to get decently performing airsoft guns into Canada if someone had made the necessary decision to do so. Instead, ASC Retailer policy didn't care enough to clearly distinguish between airsoft and crapsoft, resulting in this situation.

I think we're over blowing the decline of the community. I think this is nothing more than a really, really bad call on the part of ASC Retailer membership.
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