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I didn't read the entire thread. But basically, I agree with the old farts. I was right in the camp that said the halfbreeds were going to create a degredation in the quality of Airsoft in Canada, and it definetly has.

I remember a post by Bravo One-Six that said Airsoft is about collecting models of real looking guns and clearsoft has no place in it.

I also don't buy all this elitist crap. I'm not fucking elitist because I have a $900 gun, and $300 tac-vest, and several hundred dollars of other gear. I'm someone who enjoys playing airsoft kitted out properly, and enjoy playing with and against people who "get in the zone" and become a part of the game -not against people who where shorts and t-shirts and just want to shoot at other people. If you think I'm an elitist, fuck off and go play paintball.

Found it:

Granted, he was talking about CT crapsoft, but IMO the G&G Halfbreeds aren't that far off.

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