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Well from a new guy sort of view I completely understand what the vets are saying, with expansion there is always corruption or deviation from the proper path. Doesn’t matter what, Religion, Imperialism, Airsoft, sports in general. Hell I’m personally just waiting for my av to go through so I can get better guns and gear. But because I would still like to play a few games before I lose my life to the military for the next year, (BMQ) and (BIQ) I bought one of those G&G half breeds and until I get some proper low caps the mag tickling highcaps.

To be honest ill feel like crap using that stuff but when it comes down to it I would rather be able to participate then stay at home wishing I was on the field waiting for the gun I want to get, to popup on the classifieds or order it in. Besides until I get posted to a unit there is no sense in trying to get a proper AEG, (which will be about the Third thing I do next to an apartment and a phone line) as I won’t be able to have a fixed address to mail stuff to.

Short and the long of it, the amount of gear owned or the cost doesn’t always say a player is dedicated, nor does the lack of say the opposite. Every newcomer should be met with the same disposition and let the player no matter the size of his/her wallet prove how much of or how little of an ass he or she really is, Just my opinion.
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