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Back when I started with Wolfpack (2003) the community was smaller, harder core and team oriented. When you came to an airsoft game you were watched and if you showed potential you were either approached for a team, or, you saught to join a team. There was a firm mentoring system in place and teams took care of basic gameplay and sportsmanship education and also created a player accountability framework. If you stepped out of line you and your team command structure was accountable. This created a system of competition and most games in my earlier days listed team names attending, not individual players.

This system is now gone, or is so diluted, its relegated to irrelevance. My interest in airsoft as a game has dropped substantially as well because of this. I've thought of doing a Trifecta series of games, but I can't seem to find the right field to host it at, nor have I been able to motivate myself to move it forward - everytime I start, something 'more important' comes up. Kinda sucks.

We'll see. I may be opening a field next year if I can get motivated, I've got several land options. The Plantation fiasco really took the wind out of my sails though.
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