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Originally Posted by m102404 View Post
Every venue should have a regular Noob day. Cater to those coddling needs (i.e. provide food/drink, explicit directions on how to get there, rentals/samples/loaners/etc...) want to get the new guys out there. Have a concise specific message to get across. Be the one asshole there harping on safety.... Arm-twist, bribe, extort, guilt some seasoned guys to come out (and have them bring their goodies with them) answer questions, show what's what and to mix it up a bit. Everyone can bond and hold hands..
ETRU holds a Noob day several times a year in Calgary.
A few vets and a lot of new players...
They learn the ropes, learn the different style of games, and the rules that go along with the game.
Kudos for ETRU for doing that.
JOC has been toying with the idea of a graduated system of play....
A player must have played X number of skirmishes before they can play minisims, and X number of minisims before they can play milsims.

This allows more seasoned vets the "pleasure" of not having to deal with new players spoiling a good milsim by not being prepared to play (ie, hicaps, no water, the usual stuff), while at the same time teaching newer players the various levels of preparedness required for the more involved games such as milsim.

Unfortunately, this idea has been detracted lately...
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