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Originally Posted by mcguyver View Post
G&G used to be the bastard child of airsoft guns. Their quality between ICS, G&P, Marui would leave them in a distant 4th place everytime. But it's all good now because the receiver is clear, and the other brands are no longer available?

How many milsims are well attended in Calgary anymore? How many has Gish cancelled due to lack of attendance? With more available guns, attendance should increase, right? How come a serious milsim like Op Cold Front gets 60 players from across Canada, yet 200 can show up to a Battlefield game?

The changing attitudes amongst players new and old has been directly as a result of the changing marketplace for hardware. Anyone who thinks this isn't so isn't rational.
Milsim in the Calgary area has been in decline even before the clearsoft stuff came to market. I acknowledge it is a factor in the sense that there's older guys leaving the game and being replaced by new players without the gear or desire to play milsim. The alternative, however, is people leaving the game with almost no new players coming into the game at all. In my first year, I was one of the only new players attending JOC outdoor games and playing milsim but there are many more now that airsoft has become more accessible. If you take the time to talk to the new players, a decent amount are serious about the sport, acquiring gear and playing milsim (not just skirms).

I realize what separates us airsofters from say paintball is the milsim aspect of the game. However, I still think you have to ease people into the sport and it has to be accessible to a more casual crowd as well. Milsim has a very steep learning curve. When I first came into airsoft, I loved milsims but they were also very difficult due to my inexperience. I'm not saying I didn't have fun (I always did), however, not everyone has the patience I did and not everyone is willing to fork over the amount of money I did.
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